Protagonists of our story

Before materials, before equipments, before technologies, the ones who shape our intuitions and a turn them into objects of rare beauty, are people.

I'm Mariano,
founding partner

My name is Mariano Venzo, with my partner and friend Leonardo we founded this company when we were twenty years old.

I belong to the second generation of ceramist entrepreneurs.

I have the task of watching over everything that happens, and I can do it very well

I'm Leonardo,
founding partner

My name is Leonardo Carollo, with my partner and friend Mariano we founded this company when we were twenty years old.

I belong to the second generation of ceramist entrepreneurs.

I have the task of supervising all the production, and nothing escapes me!

I'm Carlo,
sales manager

My name is Carlo Venzo and I am the brother of Francesco and Gabriele.

I belong to the third generation of potters and my job is to establish fruitful business relationships with more and more retailers, to make our products known to everyone.

I'm Francesco,
modeling designer

My name is Francesco Venzo and I come from a decorators' family: my father and my grandfather were entrepreneurs potters and skilled decorators and modellers.

After graduating from the Art Institute with Ceramic orientation, I came in VCB and I have not left from there anymore.

I'm Gabriele,
quality manager

My name is Gabriele Venzo, and I'm the brother of Carlo and Francesco. I make sure that our products meet our highest quality standards and I ship our little wonders around the world, packed with the utmost care.

We are Lino and Matteo,

We are Lino and Matteo Orsato, father and son. The father worked in VBC since 1995 and Matteo followed him arriving in 2013.

Both decorators, give the products the colors and the finishes that make them so special. Because good taste runs in the family!

I'm Agnese,
Factory Shop manager

My name is Agnese Cadore and I am Mariano's wife.

I direct the company store with my kindness and professionalism and I can guess the desires of each customer, carrying them with my smile through the whole shopping experience

I'm Monica,

My name is Monica Spigarolo, I arrived in VBC in 1980 as an apprentice.

Now I am one of the most experienced and reliable decorators, my magic touch makes our products little masterpieces.

I'm Manuela,

My name is Manuela Costa, I have always worked in ceramic industry and in VBC since 1989.

I am the reference point for the finishing and retouching phase of raw pieces.

Our products reach perfection in my hands!

I'm Marino,
production supervisor

My name is Marino Perozzo, and I've been in this company since 1983.

I've always worked in ceramics, and I'm an expert in production methods.

My task at VBC is to supervise the first phase of processing: if our products, besides being beautiful, are also of excellent quality, it is because of me!

I'm Gianfranco,

My name is Gianfranco Alberti, I am retired, but an artist never retires.

I have been in this company since 1979 and I still collaborate as a painter.

I guard the tradition of the Nove decorum.

I'm Andrea,
cooking supervisor

My name is Andrea Dinale, I've always worked in ceramic sector and I've just arrived in VBC.

My passion makes sure that our products are always cooked to perfection and, above all, that our customers are more and more madly in love with our products.

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