Three types of dough are used, each of which has its own peculiarities:

EARTHENWARE white dough with high porosity: It is the traditional Nove ceramics, a very plastic material that allows to obtain products with shapes and reliefs of any type, even very demanding.
It lends itself to be decorated with a brush with an infinity of colors and decorations.
The first firing occurs at 1000 ° C, the second at 970 ° C.
It has a low mechanical resistance, the dishes that derive from it, therefore, are dishwasher-safe with delicate programs or by hand, in the microwave oven it takes not too high temperatures, and can not be used in the traditional oven.

HALF - REFRACTORS: It is a category of ceramics not conventionally classified, and there are different types, all having in common the colored mixtures, appropriately mixed with the addition of chamotte, which gives it a rough and coarse appearance;
VBC uses a mixture of black color, which allows to obtain a particular aesthetic effect, as the color of the mixture, once decorated with the glazes, emerges on the parts worked in relief or engraved, giving the product unique shades and effects.
The first firing takes place at just over 1000 ° C, the second at 970 ° C.
It has a medium mechanical resistance, the dishes are dishwasher safe, can be used in the microwave and in the traditional oven, but you must avoid sudden changes in temperature.

GRES: It is a mixture composed of clay and very refined and purified raw materials, which, once cooked, acquires a very high mechanical hardness and strength.
The objects thus produced, such as crockery or tableware, therefore become very functional for daily use or for professional catering.
The second firing at a much higher temperature (1250 ° C) also allows to obtain chromatic effects and finishes otherwise impossible and different from other types of ceramics.
The dishes are dishwasher safe, and can be used safely in the microwave oven and in the traditional oven.

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