We would like to thank Momi Restaurant and in particular Emanuel and the chef Momi for their continuous collaboration with the world of ceramics in our area and for having chosen to use some dishes from our Merletto collection.

The Momi restaurant is located on the 5th floor of Le Nove Hotel, via Rizzi 51a Nove (VI) in a unique location, facing a splendid panorama of the hills between the towns of Marostica and Bassano, with elements of design and ceramic artworks by talented craftsmen, you can find a cuisine that starts off with local foods of excellence, following their seasonal availability, with influences that come from the rest of the world.( - tel. +39 0424 590947)

Merletto collection is inspired by the famous lace of the island of Burano, in Venice, with a delicate workmanship in low relief and finished entirely by hand, the various lace patterns are used to obtain a refined result, with a romantic suggestion. Made from a particular black clay, here painted in cream color, it is suitable for Dishwashers, Microwave and Oven.

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